A special sponsorship

11745712_979203892101332_2188232424727014811_n (1)There isn’t a day that goes by without reflecting on how lucky we (and the dogs) are to have such a wonderfully supportive community. Our foster homes open up their hearts to stressed little shelter dogs and help them shine. Those who can’t foster can support the process through our sponsorship program and receive updates about the sponsored dog and their journey to a forever home. Shalini is a long-time sponsor who loves having a personal connection to “her” HugABull dog. As a sponsor to Notch, she directed a donation to his vet bills and got to meet him earlier this year! And as a sponsor to Moxie, she put together a special care package for her to enjoy leading up to the holidays. Moxie’s foster mom is also pretty fantastic and helped “Moxie” write this thank you letter.

Dear Shalini (aka Sponsor Mom),

I love the care package box you sent me! I was really excited to get a box. It smelled really good.

Foster Mom made me give the box back and then I found out you sent me lots of other cool things too. Wow! I’m really excited to play with my new toys and give them the Tough Chewer test. I loooove to chew. (I still like the box, I’ll play with that too.)

I’m going to ask for a Natural Balance cookie every night as the treat I get for going into my crate to sleep. I tried some already and they are delicious! I’d do tricks for those any day.

I get the super awesome, smelly, fish treats when I do something really, really hard. Like give up the toy I’m chewing or come running from far away. They are SO worth it.

I’m sure happy you’re my sponsor. Foster Mom says I’m really lucky to have so many people who love me. I’ll send you licks and kisses anytime you want!

Foster Mom said it wasn’t bragging if I told you some of the things I’ve been up to as long as I don’t say how awesome I am at all of them. I hope you like the pictures.

Licks and kisses,

Wonder Dawg Moxie

PS: (Foster Mom said “Wonder Dawg” was too much, I should just sign it “Moxie”.)
PPS: Foster Mom says you can find more pics of me on Instagram and/or Facebook if you like.

I’m getting really good at “go to your mat.”

20151109_073257 (1)


Except sometimes I test the rules. I can’t help it. There are SO many good things in the kitchen.
20151106_092043 (1)


I love playing the “find the kibble” game!


My favourite spot is here, hogging the air vent when the heat comes on.


What do you mean “no more treats”?



I’m learning to “heel” and “heel right”. It’s hard work.



Just being cute. It happens.



I love, love, love my Jolly Tuff Treader!



What? I told you! It tastes really good.



All this stuff is so awesome I don’t even know where to start! Thank you Shalini!!



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