Announcing the HugABull cookbook

Fundraising is constantly on our minds, so we LOVE it when people come to us with new and innovative ideas. We love it even more when our volunteers take leadership and turn their ideas into action. Recent examples include the Pints for Pits pub night in Surrey and the Pits & Whips car show in Victoria – a huge thank you to Shane and Todd for making these events happen.

A couple weeks ago, Kristy posted to our Facebook page with an intriguing idea: a fundraising cookbook. We loved it: creative, practical, huge sales potential. We put some feelers out and learned that many of you loved the idea as well, and Kristy has already lined up ideas, recipes and sponsors. So…it’s officially a go! We’ll have a fun, beautiful, printed cookbook with a variety of human and canine recipes available for you in February 2012. Here’s just a few highlights we’ve confirmed so far.

  • Graphic artist Samantha Smith will apply her skills to layout and visual design.
  • Wayside Printers will provide printing at a generous sponsorship rate.

And without any formal promotion, we’ve already received interest in advertising and sales opportunities from companies we love, like Aquatrans, Dizine Canine Training Pet Dog Training, DOGSAFE Canine First Aid, and Woofles Barking Boutique.

We want to make this a community project, and we’d love your help! For now, we’re looking of help in the following areas:

  • Advertising opportunities – please alert us to any pit-friendly, rescue-friendly companies who might like to place a 1/4 or 1/2 page ad. We’ll be happy to follow up on any leads and we have an information package ready.
  • Sales opportunities – similarly, we’re looking to partner with businesses who may be interested in selling the cookbook (and perhaps our calendars) on our behalf.
  • Recipes! We’re seeking a wide variety of recipes, both human and canine. Send your favourite salads, dinners, desserts, dog treats – or whatever! – directly to Kristy at

Any leads or comments can be sent to Please also comment here or on our Facebook page with any fun, functional, or fabulous ideas for what we can include inside. What would make this a cookbook you’d want to buy?

And perhaps most exciting of all – stay tuned for our photo contest. We’ll be asking you if your dog has what it takes to become HugABull’s Next Top Cookbook model. (The little red girl pictured above is going to be hard to beat. She’s even named Sage, like the savoury herb!).

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3 Responses to Announcing the HugABull cookbook

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  2. Caitee says:

    I got your cookbook for my birthday, great cause! I just made Nick’s tomato treats and posted them to my blog with a link back here. Email me if you ever go for a 2nd edition – I would love to contribute!

  3. April says:

    Thanks Caitee!! We love the feedback and will definitely keep you in mind if we go another round. 🙂

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