Show Your Solidarity for Quebec on May 13

6Quebec’s proposed Bill 128 will be a major step back for animal welfare in Canada. In its current form, it:

  • Violates the province’s current legislation declaring animals to be sentient beings.
  • Proposes a ban on pit bull breeds, Rottweilers, and their mixes (the nature or percentage of a mix is not defined). Also bans wolf and other “non-canine” hybrids.
  • Allows other breeds to be added to the list at any time.
  • Dogs “trained to protect, guard, fight or attack” are also prohibited, but these terms are not defined.
  • Defers to veterinarians for breed identification and behaviour assessments (vets are medical professionals, not behaviour or breed experts – this is like asking your doctor to assess your ethnicity!)
  • Allows family pets to be destroyed or sold to research laboratories.
  • Allows city staff to be designated as “inspectors” to stop citizens or vehicles, interrogate them, and order them to produce paperwork for their dog.
  • Does nothing to address known risk factors for dog aggression such as irresponsible breeding, poor socialization and care, and owner behaviour.

This is fear-based legislation that will destroy families and kill dogs based on nothing more than visual characteristics. Canadians deserve better. Quebec advocates are hard at work, and to show our solidarity, rallies are planned on Saturday, March 13 in BC:

11am at Science World
1455 Quebec Street
Info and updates on the Facebook event page.

11am at the BC Parliament Buildings
501 Belleville Street
Info and updates on the Facebook event page.

11am at Lafarge Lake
(Town Centre Park)
Info and updates on the Facebook event page.

Dogs are welcome at the above events if they are leashed and well-mannered. This is a public event and media will likely be present – all eyes will be on us so it’s important that we present a positive presence. Signs, shirts, and slogans are welcome as long as the tone is respectful and constructive.

Interested in seeing an event in your community? Check the “Solidarity Against Quebec’s Canine Discrimination” Facebook page for listings. If you don’t see your city there, organize one of your own! Email us at for tips.

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