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montreal mural

Protest mural by Jean Labourdette

On Monday, August 22, the 19 boroughs of Montreal voted to consolidate animal control bylaws, so that when new animal control legislation is voted in on September 26, no single borough will be in a position to challenge it.

The proposed bylaw is endorsed by mayor Denis Coderre and will ban “pit bulls” (defined as American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, any dog with one of those breeds in it, or any dog that looks like one of those breeds) within the city. It places restrictions on all dogs and leaves a clear path to including other dogs on the restricted list:

  • Pit bulls are banned unless owner has special licence, only available up to December 31, 2016. No new pit bulls after that time will be allowed in the city and no pit bulls not licensed in Montreal. This will include visiting dogs.
  • Existing pit bulls must have special (more expensive) licence, be vaccinated against rabies, be sterilized, be microchipped, wear a muzzle and 4-foot leash outside, be behind a 6.5-foot fence and muzzled on own property, be owned and walked by someone over 18, be owned by someone who has no criminal record, especially any related to violence (but not limited to those), must always wear its special licence tag. Violation of any of the above will result in the immediate destruction of the dog.
  • ALL dogs must be microchipped and sterilized by December 31, 2019 unless you can provide a medical note from a vet or unless you have a “breeding dog” (not defined)
  • A limit of four pets, only two of which can be dogs, will be imposed. There is no grandfathering option imposed for those who currently have more than two dogs, so presumably they will have to choose which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of.
  • Permission granted for the Executive Committee to add other breeds as they see fit.

Thank you to Steve Barker of DLCC for the translation and summary. Full document can be downloaded here.

It appears that Mayor Coderre and some key policy makers have made up their mind on the breed ban, expressing their clear and unequivocal support and declining to answer specific questions on Monday. The final vote will take place on September 26.

From Monday's protest in City Hall.

From Monday’s protest in City Hall.

There is similar talk happening about a breed ban at the provincial level as well, but the Montreal vote is more imminent and will likely set the stage for the conversations to take place provincially.

We urge you to take this window of time to take action, especially if you have a connection to Montreal or Quebec. The mayor and official opposition can be emailed through the Ville de Montreal website, and a complete list of Montreal city councillors is available here.

A few other useful links…

Petition Sites

Montreal SPCA:
Boycott Montreal Tourism:

Tourism Montreal
City of Montreal
Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre
Quebec Premier Phillippe Couillard

Montreal Tourism: @Montreal
City of Montreal: @MTL_Ville
Phillippe Couillard: @phcouillard
Denis Coderre: @DenisCoderre

Please keep it civil – while the issue is an emotional one, this is no time for strong language or abusive content. You can certainly speak from the heart or simply tell them that BSL is a bad idea for everyone in the province. You can also share any and all of the following.

  • Specific ways that BSL doesn’t work:
  • Let them know you personally pledge never to travel to Quebec/Montreal and spend tourism or other dollars there.
  • If this legislation passes, let them know you will contribute to a legal defense fund for those within the province to fight this legislation at every possible level of the justice system. Groups in Western Canada are working together to set up this fund so that crowdfunding can begin the moment the new legislation is passed.

If you have any updates, social media handles, or tips to add to the above, please email us at

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