New faces at the HugABull helm

Team HugABull has a few new faces on its leadership team, and while the dust settles on a busy summer, it’s time to introduce them!

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Lauren and Bronte

But first, a goodbye – Lauren Calbeck has been a part of the HugABull  world since 2008 when she fostered her first dog, Rex. She adopted him and soon after, Bronte, another “failed foster”. She joined the board and became a Director of Foster and Family Placement. In those years she has worked tirelessly to build relationships with local shelters and unite dozens of dogs with loving forever homes. Lauren was offered a job earlier this year with a local shelter and is already proving to be a fantastic resource to the community, but balancing a Board role and a management role is a lot to manage, and she will be stepping down from the Board to focus on her career. She will remain in the community and we look forward to working with her in her new role to help dogs and people.

Christine and Bailey

Christine and Bailey

Taking over her role is Christine Crunican who has been working closely with Lauren over the past two years, and volunteering for many years prior to that. Christine has a substantial background in dog behaviour and management, and  knows the foster/adoption program inside and out.  She will be taking over Lauren’s position on the Board and has been a whirlwind of activity, finding three foster homes in two weeks, all while taking care of an infant son.

Christine will be assisted by Steering Committee member and brand new foster coordinator Kim Federico! Kim has been a familiar face at events and has been our Sponsorship Coordinator for the past year. She is lovely to work with and when

Kim and friend

Kim and friend

she told us that she was looking for more “hands on” experience with the foster dogs, we knew she would be a great right-hand woman for Christine.

Another new addition to the Steering Committee is Genna Thies. Genna has been an active volunteer doing absolutely everything – planning events, staffing events, collecting donations, walking dogs, you name it! She has been our go-to girl and we wanted to take advantage of her creativity and her people skills, so we “promoted” her to Fundraising Coordinator.

A list of our leadership team members is below and on our website. Feel free to touch base at if you have any questions about any aspect of our operations, or if you have the time and commitment to take on a Steering Committee role with the organization.


Shelagh Begg, President
Kathleen Wee, Vice-President/Director of Fundraising
Christine Crunican, Secretary/Treasurer/Director of Foster and Family Placement
April Fahr, Executive Director


Steering Committee Members

Kim Federico, Foster coordinator/Sponsorship coordinator
Genna Thies, Fundraising coordinator
Brittnee Van Bruegel, Volunteer Coordinator
Jeff Warner, Events Coordinator
Dave Davies, Special Projects

Genna's dog, Jackson!

Genna’s dog, Jackson!


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