Take a byte out of BSL

33797198734_c4a1aa1acd_zIt’s unbelievable that in 2017, we are in the position of fighting a second provincial breed ban in our country. To keep it in perspective, remember that on the whole, BSL is on its way out. There are many more jurisdictions rejecting or repealing breed-specific legislation compared to those implementing it. It’s being actively challenged in places like the UK, Australia, and Ontario, where this kind of legislation has been entrenched for a decade. Half of American states have state-wide legislation prohibiting laws that discriminate by breed.

However, despite this progress, we are facing Bill 128 in Quebec – a law that is poorly written, vague, and does nothing to address known factors for dog aggression.

Bill 128, like all breed-specific legislation, is fear-based. And although we are limited in what we can do from this side of the country, we can fight fear with facts. HugABull, in partnership with Justice for Bullies and the Ontario “Pit Bull” Co-op, we’d like to announce a brand-new educational campaign: 150 BSL Facts for #Canada150.

Starting May 15, 2017 we will post daily for 150 days, sharing a bite-sized fact, insight, story or trivia about BSL. The aim is to encourage people to share education rather than discrimination and keep this topic in the public conversation. Let us remember that while in many ways we are fortunate to live in Canada, there are some areas in which our policy makers fail us and need to do better. In support of the campaign, we will use the hashtags #BSLbytes #notoBill128 and #Canada150.

Send us ideas! You can send topics you’d like to see covered, a story that touched you – or create a BSL byte of your own. Text-based bytes should be no more than 90 words and any statistics or quotes should be cited. Photos and videos under 1 minute are welcome too.

Email info@hugabull.com or justiceforbullies@gmail.com, or post on any of our respective social media sites. And share!

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